Friday, November 04, 2005

Abdominal Crunches

While you may not end up with a washboard stomach, you can do some things to get your abdomen in better shape.
Crunches have long been a favorite for many athletes for the very reason that they work.
Lying on your back with knees bent, keeping feet flat on the floor, cross your hands across your chest and then curl your torso, rolling from your sternum toward your hips.
Do this slowly and start out with a set of ten crunches in three reps.
In other words, do ten crunches, wait a minute, do ten more, wait a minute, and then do the final ten.
As you get accustomed to these, you can increase both the number of sets and reps.

Easy Body Makeover for Busy Women

We all know how busy our lives get with work, kids, cooking, cleaning and the daily buzz of activities that are required of us. I have compiled a list of exercises that are quick and easy and can all be done while watching a little T.V.!

Arms: There is just no way of getting around this if your arms are a problem area. Get some small weights. Try your weights out in the store to decide which will be the best for you. Don’t buy anything you are not going to be able to lift for 10 reps. Remember, you can always go up in weight later. Next, work on your trouble area(s) in reps of 5 – 10 in the beginning and increase your repetitions as you are able to tolerate.

Legs: Have an exercise bike? This has got to be one of the easiest ways to work your legs. Check your second hand sporting good stores. Turn on Oprah or open a good book and go to town!

Abdominal: Lay on your back with your knees bent. Crossing your left ankle over your right knee, hands behind your head, touch your right elbow to your left knee. Then switch! Begin with as many reps as you are able to handle.

This is a pretty painless workout and will help to keep you in shape when time is of the essence!

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