Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tennis Fitness : Tips from the Professionals

Tennis is one of the best and easiest sports to keep you fit. However, the general consensus is that too much of it or the use of wrong techniques can and do cause injuries. If you are a beginner you will do well to learn the basic techniques of the sport as well as the safety tips provided.

There are many injuries that can result from using the wrong techniques to play this kind sport. The injuries range from tennis elbow to more serious back or ankle problems. When starting out, play twice or three times a week at the most to give the body the time it needs to adjust. Do this for a month and then slowly step up the pace to four times a week and so on.

You need to alternate your court sessions with some gym sessions for all round fitness. If you can maintain a fit physique there is nothing to prevent you from playing the game well into your eighties or beyond. Tennis is a very popular sport for all ages and once a player gets hooked on the game, it is very difficult to give it up.

There are some very basic tips that should be adopted to stay fit for the game. Right at the top of the list is having the right tennis gear. It is not only the racquet that is important in terms of size, grip, balance, head size and weight. You also need to wear the right socks and shoes. There are specially designed tennis shoes that help to provide support for the ankles.

Once you have the right gear, you can then focus on taking lessons from a real professional who will be able to teach you the correct techniques to play the game. How you reach for the ball and swing your racquet is important. You could reach for the ball by using the wrong technique and end up putting too much strain on your back. Torn ligaments and muscles are common when players do not exercise the right game techniques.

Eating the right foods that provide the body with the complete nutritional requirements and staying hydrated are very important factors that contribute to keeping your body fit.

The body needs time to adjust to the movements of the game and the demands you make of it, so take it slow – do not go pushing your body beyond its natural limits. You can start out by playing only two days a week and gradually build up your strength to stay on the court for longer periods of time.

(Note: This article is the opinion of the author and may or may not be substantiated by scientific fact.)
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